The Freshman Five

Ideas to Stay Healthy

Plan exercise or activity like a course. Pencil it in and don’t skip it!

If you surround yourself with healthy food options and you get hungry, your choice will be: something healthy or something healthy.

Eat every few hours (usually about 3-4). Skipping meals or getting too hungry will set your self up for uncontrollable ravenous hunger. It’s hard to make healthy food choices when you’re so hungry you’d devour your text book.

Alcohol has more calories per gram than CHO or protein and will not nourish you. It also makes unhealthy food binges more likely.

Are you concerned about your weight?

If so, you are not alone. It is well known that weight gain is a major health concern, especially for college students. Let Kelly, our Registered Dietitian sit down with you to make a plan as to how to improve the food environment.

Weight is a balance of food and activity. Kelly can determine what your needs are and make suggestions as to meeting those needs without feeling restricted.

Seeking nutrition counseling is not about dieting. It is about learning how to make healthy choices.

Kelly Stellato MS, RD, LDN is available in Health Services.

Nutrition visits are free of change!

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