Performance Communication Checklist

Utilize your VOICE

There are several steps you can take to ensure an effective Performance Communication Process:

  • Prepare - know the process and what to expect, and also what is expected from you
  • Keep an open mind
  • Reflect and plan - what have you or your team accomplished, and what direction do you want your career to go in the future?
  • Follow-up

The Checklist

The checklist is an optional tool to further assist you through the performance communication process.  It is primarily designed to aid the supervisor, but we encourage employees to review it and be aware of the steps.  Each step is listed below, and you may also download the checklist to keep with your documentation:

Two weeks before the meeting…

□       Gather documentation and feedback on employee performance

□       Review employee’s current job description 

□       Contact Human Resources to sign up for a training session (or register here)


One week before the meeting…

□       Schedule a meeting with the employee                  

□       Have the employee complete their own self communication form


While completing the written evaluation…

□       Provide specific comments for each area on the performance communication form   

□       Confirm that the overall rating is consistent with the individual ratings of each competency  


Following the meeting…

□       Review salary process guidelines to determine an appropriate recommendation, if exceptional merit is being requested, be sure justification was provided on the performance communication form

□       Submit a position description modification (if applicable) in PeopleAdmin

□       Confirm that evaluation is signed by the employee and yourself

□       Schedule any recommended training or professional development for employee

□       Schedule a follow-up evaluation if performance rating does not meet expectations

□       Review salary letter with employee on May 1st