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Position Title: Lab Help - BME Myocardial Regeneration Lab at Gateway Park
Department: Biomedical Engineering
Location: Gateway Park
Students Required: 2
Hours per week: 10
Federal Funding: Optional
Job Description: Highly motivated undergraduate students, especially those majoring in Biomedical Engineering, Biology & Biotechnology or Biochemistry are invited to apply for volunteer/work study positions in the Myocardial Regeneration Lab at WPI. Students will work closely with graduate students and have the opportunity to participate in one of the research areas in Dr. Gaudettes lab. Students will gain hands-on experience in aspects of tissue engineering, including solution preparation, sterile cell culture technique, cytochemistry, and general lab administration, maintenance and safety. Students will also be invited to weekly lab meetings to gain a broader knowledge of tissue regeneration efforts here at WPI. Interested individuals should send current resume to: Prof. Glenn Gaudette Biomedical Engineering Dept. WPI Email:
Requirements: Qualifications: Excellent work ethic, ability to work collaboratively in a team environment, minimal time commitment of 10 hrs/week. Ability to make long term time commitment and prior wet laboratory experience preferred.
Contact Person: Professor Glenn Gaudette
Phone: email only
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