What to Expect - Employees

Tips for Employees

  • Completing the self communication form provides you with the opportunity to review and consider your accomplishments, challenges, and performance throughout the past year from your perspective.
  • Ensure the self communication form is thorough - this is your chance to toot your own horn and discuss your career openly with your supervisor, including areas you may want to develop.
  • Be positive and maintain an open mind. The intent of this process is to highlight your strengths and identify areas to expand your knowledge and skills.  No one enjoys hearing where they might need to exert extra effort, but keeping an open mind (and emotions out of it) will propel you forward in your career.
  • In the same spirit, give constructive suggestions to your supervisor when it applies. When you cite an area that needs attention, offer specific examples and suggestions for improvement.
  • Ask questions, of yourself and of your supervisor.  By carefully considering your supervisor's comments and opinions, and sometimes asking yourself the tough questions, you might be surprised at what you hear!
  • Take sufficient time to prepare for your performance meeting with your supervisor. This meeting is one of the best opportunities you have to freely discuss your performance and goals with your supervisor. 

Additional Resources


  • To register for training, select one of the following dates:
    • Monday, 2/9/15 at 10:00 AM in Harrington Auditorium, Forkey Conference Room 
    • Tuesday, 2/10/15 at 2:00 PM in Harrington Auditorium, Forkey Conference Room
    • Thursday, 2/12/15 at 1:30 PM in Harrington Auditorium, Forkey Conference Room
    • Friday, 2/13/15 at 9:00 AM at Gateway Park, 1002
    • Wednesday, 2/18/15 at 2:00 PM in Campus Center, Chairman's Room
    • Wednesday, 3/4/15 at 9:00 AM in Harrington Auditorium, Forkey Conference Room