What to Expect - Supervisors

Tips for Supervisors

To ensure the Performance Communication Process is effective and meaningful, it is important to be familiar with how the process works and some best practices/tips.  It is also essential to thoroughly understand what the job duties and responisibilities are of each member of your team and to review their position descriptions, and to make changes if needed. 

There are a number of resources listed below to help you start this process.  Here are some additional points to consider when completing the Supervisor Communication Form and determining an overall performace rating for your employees:

  • Be objective - eliminate personal bias and feelings of favoritism.
  • Consider each performance area independently. Do not assume that excellence in one area implies excellence in all areas or that poor performance in one area implies poor performance in all areas.
  • Performance should be rated based on observed activities that are supported with documentation.
  • Evaluate overall performance - review the employee's highs and lows across every performance area.
  • Consider various aspects of the employee's performance that you want to discuss with the employee. The performance communication process should serve as a stimulus for better communication between you and the employee.
  • Consider your appraisal in terms of the employee's present duties, not in terms of the duties of a future or past description.
  • The communication form should reflect your fair judgment of an employee's performance. Make helpful suggestions and provide adequate instruction, and be prepared to discuss these items.

Additional Resources


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