Tips for Supervisors

Tips for Supervisors on the Performance Appraisal Process

In preparation of the appraisal, familiarize yourself with all aspects of the process. To properly complete the performance appraisal, it is essential that you thoroughly understand the duties and requirements of the position held by the employee. Therefore you should review the Position Descriptions for your employees online.

After reviewing the Position Description and holding a self-appraisal meeting (if applicable) with the employee, complete the Supervisor Evaluation online and determine an overall performance rating keeping in mind the following:

  • Be objective. Eliminate personal prejudice and feelings of favoritism.
  • Consider each performance area independently. Do not assume that excellence in one area implies excellence in all areas or that poor performance in one area implies poor performance in all areas.
  • Base your appraisal on observed performance during the appraisal period, not on what is expected in the future.
  • Evaluate overall performance throughout the entire appraisal period. Do not base the ratings only on significant successes and failures. These should be considered in context with the total performance.
  • Consider various aspects of the employee's performance that you want to discuss with the employee. The appraisal process should serve as a stimulus for better communication between you and the employee.
  • Consider your appraisal in terms of the employee's present duties, not in terms of the duties of a future or past description.

The appraisal should reflect your fair judgment of an employee's work performance. Make helpful suggestions and provide adequate instruction. Be prepared to discuss these items.