Childcare & Public Schools


There are three main types of childcare available: private, family, and in-home. Each type addresses different needs. Each type is described here to assist you in deciding which type of care is best for your child.

Private Childcare
Also referred to as day care centers, these facilities are privately operated centers featuring a trained staff. Such centers primarily offer educational and developmental programs for children of varying ages. They must be licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). This is a good way to form a community for working parents, reinforce good child-rearing practices, and for children to gain playmates.
Family Day Care Homes
This type of childcare encompasses any private residence, which provides care for children during part, or all of the day. The total number of children in such a facility cannot exceed six. Such care is not a cooperative arrangement among neighbors. These day care homes must also be licensed by the OCCS. In this type of childcare, children can interact and learn from one another.
In-Home Care
Childcare provided by a "sitter" or "nanny" can be considered in-home. This type of care can include relatives. Such services are usually found individually and participants are not required to have licensing or special training. This type of care is good for small babies because of the familiar environment.

The OCCS in Massachusetts can help answer child care questions that may arise. The OCCS also provides a referral service on-line.

Worcester Public Schools

Graduate students and visiting scholars and professors who come to WPI with their family are often looking for information about the Worcester Public Schools. Visiting the School Departments Parent Information Center is the best resource for anyone with school age children moving to Worcester. The Parent Information Center is located at 768 Main Street, phone +1-508-799-3194

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