ESL Summer Institute Questions and Answers

Below is a list of 20 frequently asked Questions and Answers for the 2014 ESL Summer Institute. 


Q:           When is the deadline for submitting ESL enrollment forms?

A:            The deadline for submitting ESL enrollment forms is on Friday, 20 June 2014, for the 5-week course.  The deadline for the 3-week course is Monday, 2 July 2014.    All enrollment forms should be submitted as soon as possible.  Submitting the enrollment forms is a formality to help the program director keep track of who is actually planning to attend the ESL Summer Institute.   All conditionally admitted students are automatically accepted to attend. 


Q:           Can ESL Summer students send their personal effects ahead of their arrival?

A:            Yes, ESL students can send their belongings to themselves at the International House at 28 Trowbridge Road in Worcester, MA, 01609 with the package addressed to themselves. These packages can be picked up and taken to their rooms after the student arrives.


Q:           When should ESL Summer students arrive for the ESL Summer Institute 2014?

A:            ESL Summer Students should arrive at WPI Campus on or around Friday, 11 July.


Q:           How can students travel from Logan International Airport to WPI Campus?

A:            The cheapest way is to make a reservation with Knights Limousine or Airport Limousine and take a shared van to the WPI campus.


Q:           How much will a taxi from Logan International Airport to WPI campus cost? 

A:            A taxi from Logan to WPI will cost more than $125 whereas a seat in a shared van costs about $45 one way.


Q:           Where will ESL students live during the 5-week ESL Sumer Institute?

A:            ESL students requiring housing will stay in WPI housing at near to the International House. The exact address will be posted ASAP.


Q:           Will ESL students have to share their rooms?

A:            Yes, ESL students will have to share their rooms, usually with one other person.


Q:           What should ESL students do when they arrive on campus after close of business (ie, after 5 PM)?

A:            These students should proceed to campus police in the basement of Founders Hall and ring the doorbell or knock on the door.  Information will be there to help the student find his/her room.


Q:           What happens if an ESL student arrives late for the ESL Summer Institute?

A:            Students who are conditionally admitted should not arrive late unless the ESL director has been informed and is permitting them to arrive late. Students arriving late should call the ESL Director at 508-831-6033. 


Q:           What is the first thing that ESL students should do after they settle into their rooms?

A:            All ESL international students should come to the International House and check in with the Office of International Students and Scholars and then with the ESL Director on the 2nd floor.


Q:           How soon can ESL students get an e-mail account?

A:            ESL students will get an e-mail account withini a day of paying their fees and receive their ID cards.


Q:           Will ESL students have to participate in the meal plan in the dining halls?

A:            Instead of having to participate in a dining hall plan, ESL students will receive money on their  ID cards which will allow them to eat in the WPI dining halls and at the Boyton Restaurant on Highland St.  ESL students not requiring WPI housing can buy food on campus or off-campus at nearby eateries.


Q:           How and when can ESL students pay for their ESL fees?

A:            ESL students can pay for their fees by credit card (visa cards accepted for online payments only), check and/or cash to the WPI Business Office in Boynton Hall.  ESL students may pay their fees before or upon arriving at WPI.  If ESL students transmit their fees along with fees for their regular WPI courses, then the fees for the ESL program should be specifically designated.  This is especially important if students transmit their ESL fees and those for their regular classes at the same time.


Q:           Will there be any days off during the ESL Summer Institute 2013?

A:            No, there will be no days off during July and August. Students do not attend classes on weekend, but there are excursions planned for them.


Q:           How can I transfer money to WPI to pay my ESL fees?

A:           Go to  This is the portal for international wire transactions.  WPI will receive the funds and apply them to the student account.


Q:           What should ESL students bring with them to the residence hall?

A:            The room assignments have beds, desks and chairs.  Students might want to buy a personal pillow and linens as well as a desk lamp for themselves.  To have an oscillating fan might also be a very good idea even though we are experiencing a very cool summer so far.  We still expect some hot days before the summer season ends.  Students will be given the opportunity to buy these suggested items here in Worcester as well so that traveling with these is not necessary.


Q:           Will ESL students have time to look for off-campus housing during the ESL Summer Institute?

A:            Yes, students can seek off-campus housing during the weekends, but they will not be released from class to do this kind of activity.


Q:           Will ESL students be required to go on trips?

A:            Participating in field trips is mandatory; the Friday excursion to Cape Cod is also required but weekend trips are not mandatory.  Students may (or may not) participate even though participation is encouraged.


Q:           Are the courses in the ESL Summer Institute credit bearing.

A:            No, the ESL courses in the ESL Summer Institute are not credit bearing.


Q:           What kind of recognition do students who attend the ESL Summer Institute receive?

A:            All students who successfully finish the ESL Summer Institute receive a Certificate of Attendance. The Admissions Office and the Office of International Students and Scholars will also be informed.


Q:           Where will the ESL students who are planning to live on campus stay between the end of ESL and the start of the orientation program for under/graduate students?

A:            Students who live on-campus will remain in their (ESL) rooms until their “permanent” room assignments have been made.


Q:           Can ESL students travel between the end of ESL and the start of the orientation program for first-year students?

A:            Yes, students can travel but all first-year international undergraduate students will be expected to attend the Pre-Orientation Program for International Students starting on Thursday, 21 August 2014. First year graduate students will be expected to attend one information session sponsored by the International House at some point in August.

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