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WPI's internationally and interculturally themed digital magazine!

When we return from a trip we are (usually) quick to unpack our souvenirs and our clothes, but we do not always give ourselves an opportunity to "unpack" and reflect upon or share our experiences.  Now there is a place and space on campus to “unpack” these interesting and important experiences to share with the WPI community.

Mission Statement

UNPACKED provides undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff of the WPI community a space to share and reflect on international and intercultural experiences. The magazine aspires to promote global awareness, cross-cultural understanding and dialogue on campus with the aim of informing, challenging, and expanding the university’s views on culture and the global community.  UNPACKED hopes to both educate and encourage community members to be interested and responsible global actors.

Submission Guidelines

Who can contribute?

    • All members of the WPI campus community! (students, staff and faculty)

What can I submit?

    • Writing: articles, stories, or poetry: approximately 1,000 words or less 

    • Photography: up to four photographs with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI in JPEG format and up to a 200 word caption to explain the photo's context

    • Artwork: up to two paintings or other artwork scanned and submitted in JPEG format at a minimum resolution of 300 DPI

Rules of submission?

    • By email (send to unpacked@wpi.edu)

    • One submission per person, per issue. Submissions can also be collaborative (submitted by multiple individuals or a group)

    • Include name, email, place and date of travel/experience

      • Students – graduation year, major/department and degree level

      • Faculty/Staff – department

When is the spring 2014 issue deadline?

    • By February 9, 2014 at midnight

Rights and editing?

    • The committee maintains the right to edit the submissions

    • Sign a release form if your work is accepted

Submission Categories


Nonfiction narrative that showcases personal perspective articles and unites the writer’s outward and inward journey; displays a strong sense of the author’s personality and experiences; demonstrates vivid reporting, literary quality and critical reflection; does not include step-by-step accounts or sentimental “diary” entries.


Artistic expression, including but not limited to poetry, photography and illustrations, inspired from travels abroad.


Articles, essays or photo stories related to international adventure, outdoor activities, or sports.


Articles, essays or photo stories related to art and culture, including food, fashion, music, museums, festivals and language.


Reflective essays that emphasize the importance of working, interning, volunteering or researching abroad; can include first-person articles about specific work or research experience.


Opinions, dialogue, and debate about global events and contemporary issues; must be well researched, accurate and persuasive, with a specific point of view on a region-specific subject or a topic of global importance.

Contact unpacked@wpi.edu with any questions, comments and submissions!

Interested in design and layout or editing? Contact unpacked@wpi.edu for more information on joining the editorial team!

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