Preparing For Your Trip

In preparing for your trip we recommend you contact your local Institute of International Education Office for any pre-arrival information they might have. Students and Scholars from China are encouraged to look at the Pre-departure Orientation For Chinese Students website from NAFSA-The Association of International Educators.

It is also advisable to learn more about the area you will soon be traveling to. The WPI Admissions website and the International House have information on the local Worcester community as well as additional links to community websites.

The climate at WPI varies throughout the year. Summers are often warm and humid, with average temperatures ranging from 60°F (15°C) to 70° (21°C) in June, July and August. Spring (April through June) and fall (September through November) are very enjoyable- particularly the fall when the tree leaves change color. The winter months, for some, are a bit more challenging. Worcester will often have snow during the months of December, January and February with average temperatures between 20°F (-6°C) and 30°F (-1°C). It is best to bring or budget for clothes that will make you most comfortable in these various types of weather. If you are arriving in summer or early fall you can buy winter clothes when you arrive, but if you are arriving in winter you should make arrangements to have warmer clothes (coat, scarf, hat, gloves, boots, sweaters) for when you arrive.

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