Available Technologies

The Office of Intellectual Property & Innovation welcomes inquiries about licensing WPI-owned intellectual property. WPI academic scholarship in engineering and applied science and pragmatic inventive activity are highly integrated throughout the university departments. This practical tradition originates from a strong history of cross and interdisciplinary research, industrial associations, and applications focused research initiatives conducted through the various sponsored Centers, Consortia, and Institutes under the WPI aegis and extends more recently to collaborative relationships with other like-minded academic research institutions such as University of Massachusetts Medical Center (UMMC).

The Research at WPI website describes research activities of the university departments and centers, consortia, and institutes. Collaborative efforts such as the Center for Comparative Neuro-Imaging (CCNI) with UMMC are also described therein.

To discuss the available technologies or licensing, please contact Todd Keiller at +1-508-831-4907 or email tkeiller@wpi.edu with "Available Technologies" in the subject bar.