Student Retention

Student retention is one of the most important issues in higher education. Retention is simply the percentage of students from particular cohorts and years who return when they are expected to do so. An important retention measure is Freshman to Sophmore retention - What % of last year's entering class returned this fall? In addition, we usually want to know if some groups display better retention than others. For example, differences based on gender and ethnicity are commonly found.

The Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE)

  • "The Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange at the University of Oklahoma is a consortium of two-year and four-year institutions dedicated to achieving the highest levels of student success through collaboratively sharing data, knowledge, and innovation."
  • WPI participates in the CSRDE and annually provides retention and graduation data by gender and ethnicity for our undergraduate population.

 The Education Trust

  • Provides a readily useable database of IPEDS data focusing on retention, graduation and available resources for students.
  • Includes a "build-your-own' database of institutions for use in peer analysis


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Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources concerning Institutional Research and data on higher education in general.