Review Process Decision Tree: Question 3

Q3: Should you apply to the IRB for an "Exemption"?

The government exempts human studies activities for one of six specific reasons. To apply for an exemption, your activity must be contained within one or more of these categories. The categories are summarized below. Follow the links below for a full description of any category that might be applicable to your activity.

  1. Certain educational research.
  2. Certain research involving the anonymous use of educational tests.
  3. Certain research involving the use of educational tests by public officials or when confidentiality is protected by law.
  4. Certain research involving collection/use of existing anonymous (or publicly available) data.
  5. Certain projects specifically designated as exempt by federal Department or Agency heads.
  6. Certain taste and food quality studies.

Do you believe that your activity is contained within one or more of the exemption categories?

If you answered "Yes":

Apply for an IRB exemption for your activity Here's how... If you answered "No":

Your activity is not exempt. Proceed to Question 4.

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