Data Storage at WPI

Data storage is an integral component of data management and should be a major consideration of any research project. We encourage WPI faculty and student researchers to consider your data storage needs early in the research process and contact ARC to discuss your storage requirements and strategies.

Data Storage Capacity

WPI offers several options to safely store your research related data. We currently have about 168TB of tiered storage space divided over multiple storage arrays. This includes 70TB of exceptionally fast nodes and 98TB of fast nodes in a EMC Isilon enterprise level storage array housed at Gateway Park, which is purely dedicated to the research and academic needs of the university. We also provide multiple SAN solutions for fast read/write access in multiple locations for a total of 40TB.

Each faculty research group can request up to 2TB of enterprise level storage space, which can be accessed from all platforms (windows, Unix and Mac). Contact us for questions and requests regarding your storage needs.

Back-up, Archival, and Security

WPI is committed to the preservation and security of the data. We provide hourly snapshots of data allowing easy and immediate recover of information involuntary deleted by the users. Data is also mirrored to a safe off-campus location providing a state of the art disaster recovery (DR) environment. If you need to access archived data, please contact us.

Data security is also a topic of major attention, and strict access rules regarding stored data can be implemented and are highly customizable to satisfy your data needs. WPI enterprise storage services are password protected and remotely accessible. 

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