Goddard GigaPop

A local connection opening up to worldwide resources

WPI connects to Internet2 at the Goddard GigaPoP on Main Street in Worcester. The Goddard GigaPop is one of only two major Internet2 access nodes in New England and offers Internet2 connectivity as well as regular commodity internet access to eligible participants in New England. The Goddard GigaPoP was made possible by supporting grant 9975857 from the National Science Foundation, and a partnership with NEESCom, a dark fiber provider in Massachusetts. WPI has since become the sole owner of the GigaPoP.

By utilizing the higher-speed interconnections that the GigaPoP and Internet2 offer, participants can benefit from reduced usage of their higher-cost commodity internet links and improved internetworking with other participants of the Goddard GigaPoP and other Research and Education Networks (RENs) both regionally and worldwide. Participants may also gain access to advanced networking technologies such as IP Multicast and IPv6 which are not typically available via commercial ISPs.

The Worcester site is located in Lightower's Worcester Exchange Facility in downtown Worcester. The site links via Gigabit Ethernet over NEREN (Northeast Research and Education Network) to the Northern Crossroads (NoX) at Gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbit/s), which in turn has a connection to the Internet2 IP Network, other regional participants, and commercial ISPs. Being in the Exchange Facility, it co-locates with a host of voice and data network carriers which offer attractive ancillary connection options and benefits to Internet2 participants. Participants may choose to share their connection to the GigaPoP with their commodity Internet connection using one of these carriers or via direct fiber Gigabit Ethernet connections. Other connection options may be available as well.

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