A hub of connections leading to high speed collaboration

WPI is one of 247 higher education institution members of Internet2. Internet2 is a non-profit organization committed to education, research, and discovery. Internet2 connects like-minded educational and research institutions enabling quicker transmission of data and greater access to high speed computing networks. Internet2 is a collaborative group working to create an optimum sharing environment for researchers both in the private and public sector.

Internet2 members benefit from a thriving community of researchers and educators working to better our world.

The commercial internet we know today was shaped by the vision and work of the people and organizations in the Internet2 community—collaborating within research and education environments that removed the barriers to discovery. The technologies developed and leveraged by this community not only advance research and education, but accelerate discoveries across the globe and have lasting impacts on the quality of human life. From the makeup of the universe, to cancer cures, to climate change and beyond, their efforts influence commerce, science, sports, education, news and medicine.

Our Collaborative Power

Innovation takes place when ideas are liberated to create practical, far-reaching solutions to the problems of society. Our community is laying the foundation for entirely new ideas: equipping the brightest people in the world with the most advanced technology in the world. If their previous track record is any indication, the future they create will be bold and brilliant.

Internet2 membership opens the door to an active community that accelerates research discovery, advances national and global education, and improves the delivery of public services.

The Internet2 community is a fabric woven of connections between countries, regions, states, institutions and individuals. Our ranks include leading U.S. universities, corporations, government agencies, and not-for-profit networking organizations, as well as international partners.

Internet2 connection at the Goddard GigaPop

The Goddard GigaPop is one of only two major Internet2 access nodes in New England and offers Internet2 connectivity as well as regular commodity internet access to eligible participants in New England.

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