Best Practices

  • Be transparent
  • Be respectful
  • Collaborate
  • Coordinate visually
  • Be thoughtful
  • Know the rules
  • Keep your personal views separate
  • Uphold the university’s mission and values

To best utilize your page or handle for your department or program, here are a few tips that are channel specific:


  • Post content daily
  • Use Facebook insights to determine the best time of day to reach your maximum audience
  • Like other pages (and they will usually like you back)
  • Always use an image in your post – more likely to be viewed, liked, and shared
  • Tag other people and organizations in your content to extend your reach
  • These is no character count limit


  • Post multiple times daily
  • Be thrifty with your words – 140 maximum character limit (including links and photos)
  • Posts with photos resonate with your followers – try to include one in every post
  • Follow other handles (thought leaders, corporations, individuals) to build up your following.
  • Use hashtags when appropriate
  • Tag other accounts (when using the handle at the beginning of the tweet always put a period in front of it)
  • Tweets should be split between announcements/updates and interaction (retweets, replies, favorites)


  • Post visually appealing photos
  • Content can be short or long
  • Hashtag your posts (#wpi, #summer, #wpi2018)
  • Post at least once daily, but multiple daily posts is fine also


  • Content should be audience focused and professional
  • Images are not always necessary
  • LinkedIn works with connections – networking posts are best