Using the WPI Name and Visual Identity

To strengthen WPI's brand and identity in social media, use WPI's name and logo on accounts or pages that represent an official university program or entity.

WPI Name

Official student organizations, club sports and other recognized groups may use the name "WPI" in the name of their account or page, but may not use WPI's logo, signature, or seal. Groups of students who are not recognized as official organizations by the Student Activities Office may not use WPI's name, logo, signature or any other university marks.

If you create pages or accounts to conduct university business as an individual, continue to use your own name and profile photograph. Be sure to identify yourself as a university employee in the biography/information section of the site.

Keep in mind that abbreviations and acronyms may not be well known beyond the campus. When there are space constraints – for example, the 140-character limit on Twitter – you may use acronyms or a short name provided you include the full name in an appropriate place, such as a profile or description.

WPI Visual Identity

If your page title or account name includes “WPI," contact Marketing and Communications ( to develop an official profile picture that has been optimized to display correctly on the page and in the feed for that social media channel.

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