The Program

A 9-month educational program for African American, Latino, American Indian and other minority high school students interested in science, mathematics and engineering.

Hands-on Project

Using their engineering, math and science skills, the students will work with the guidance of WPI students to complete a hands-on project. Examples of last year’s projects include the design and construction of a robot car, implementation of a Java computer program and research regarding turning light into sound.


WPI students will work individually with each student to help strengthen academic weakness, develop study skills, organize homework assignments, and develop test taking strategies. This format will also allow the students to develop relationships with WPI students allowing them to get a chance to discuss their worries, concerns and expectations regarding the college experience.

Academic Enrichment

Classroom style sessions will be conducted on specific subjects, offered by different WPI departments. The students will learn the importance and relevance of these subjects in our daily lives (i.e. chemistry, calculus, trigonometry, algebra etc).

SAT Preparatory

Throughout the program, a number of preparatory sessions will be conducted, in order to assist the students in achieving competitive SAT scores needed for acceptance into college programs related to math and science.

Team Competitions

The students will be divided into teams that will compete on a project based assignment. The final competition will include a group presentation.

College Advising

Students in the 11th and 12th grades will participate in a module designed to help them identify appropriate colleges and offer various college preparatory support. Students will meet with Admissions representative from the WPI Office of Admissions.

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