Contact Directory

This directory represents assignments being piloted effective June 17th, 2013.

Pre-Award OSP Contact is responsible for all assignments listed on the Proposal and  Award-related Tasks and Responsibilities Matrix.

Sub-award Proposals Contact is responsible for:

  • for assisting with preparation and submission of sub-award proposals, i.e., when WPI is not the lead Institution on a project, and
  • reviewing and negotiating agreements for sub-awards received by WPI

Sub-awards Issued contact is responsible for creating and issuing sub-awards under prime awards to WPI and assuring compliance with sponsors' policies and requirements.

The contact for all post-award and compliance matters (reporting, closeout, FCOI, RCR, etc.) is Gabriel Johnson.

Departments and Programs Division Contact for all  Proposals Sub-awards issued by WPI
Biology & Biotechnology Arts & Sciences Lisa Masciarelli Gabe Johnson
Biomedical Engineering Engineering Lisa Masciarelli Gabe Johnson
Chemical Engineering  Engineering  Stacy Mueller Gabe Johnson
Chemistry and Biochemistry  Arts & Sciences  Lisa Masciarelli Gabe Johnson
Civil & Environmental Engineering Engineering Tammy Ducharme Gabe Johnson
Computer Science   Arts & Sciences  Michael McElman Gabe Johnson
Electrical & Computer Engineering  Engineering  Michael McElman Gabe Johnson
Fire Protection Engineering  Engineering  Connie Galanis Gabe Johnson
Humanities & Arts  Arts & Sciences  Stacy Mueller Gabe Johnson
Interdisciplinary & Global Studies  Arts & Sciences   Michael McElman Gabe Johnson
Mathematical Sciences  Arts & Sciences  Tammy Ducharme Gabe Johnson
Mechanical Engineering  Engineering  Tammy Ducharme  Gabe Johnson
Physics  Arts & Sciences  Michael McElman Gabe Johnson
School of Business School of Business  Stacy Mueller Gabe Johnson
Social Science and Policy Studies  Arts & Sciences  Lisa Masciarelli Gabe Johnson
All other Departments & Programs* Stacy Mueller Gabe Johnson

 * E.g, K-12 Program, STEM Education Center, Student Development & Counseling Center, Library, etc.

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