Access to Academic Buildings, Other Facilities

Access to campus facilities and grounds is a privilege extended to students, faculty, staff, and guests. WPI encourages an open environment, with limitations, to assure adequate protection of all members of the university community. Except for residence halls, most campus facilities are accessible to community members during the days and evenings that classes are in session. Specific hours of operation are determined by respective department heads (faculty or administrative). Access to these facilities after hours (and when classes are not in session) is in accordance with the access control policies established by the designated department head and the WPI Police Department.

Faculty, staff, and students must receive proper and advanced authorization when these facilities are closed. Most of WPI’s students, faculty, and staff use keys or keycards to access buildings and rooms on campus. Lost or stolen keys should be reported to the WPI Police Department immediately. A report will then be documented and forwarded to the WPI locksmith. Keys issued are nontransferable. WPI will prosecute unauthorized persons found trespassing on university property or found in possession of unauthorized keys, keycards, or access codes.