Guide to Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault is an issue of increasing concern in our society. WPI does not tolerate assault in any form and is committed to preventing assaults through education, policy, and enforcement. Should an assault occur however, caring, professional counseling will be provided promptly.

The information on this webpage is here to provide you with some specific information about sexual assault, and offer you some practical guidelines for reducing the risk of being a victim of sexual assault. WPI's strategies and programs designed to prevent and reduce the incidence of sexual violence in our community are also reviewed.

WPI recognizes that incidents of sexual assault cause enormous pain to the individuals who are directly involved and to the community whose peace is shattered. WPI is committed to developing and maintaining an environment that is supportive of its primary educational mission, and free of all forms of exploitation, violence and intimidation.

WPI affirms the essential human value of all its community members, students, administrators, and faculty alike, and will not tolerate rape, sexual assault, abuse, or other forms of forcible or non-forcible sexual offenses.

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