Campus Parking Areas

Campus Parking Areas

The following map identifies on campus parking locations for employees, students and visitors, and  assigned parking areas. Parking areas are also shown on the Campus Parking Map.

Park Ave. Garage

Primary access into the garage will be from Salisbury Street, with secondary access available from the northbound lane of Park Ave. This entrance includes a driveway shared with the First Baptist Church and should be traveled with care and caution due to its proximity to First Friends Childcare Center.  In addition to providing a significantly increased number of parking spaces for employees, commuter students and visitors, the garage will support campus event parking.


Permission to operate a vehicle on the WPI campus or other land owned by the university is a discretionary privilege bestowed by the president, through the Board of Trustees; such privilege may be denied, revoked, suspended, or modified by action of the board or the president and/or designee herein authorized to take such actions.  

No vehicle shall be registered for operation on the campus or other land owned by WPI unless requesting registration has met the motor vehicle liability requirements for the operation and use of motor vehicles upon the ways of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Temporary Parking Permits/Handicap Parking

Temporary parking permits are required for vehicles not permanently registered with the WPI Police Department. These permits may be obtained through the WPI Police (located at Founders Hall, lower level) and/or visiting department.  

Temporary permits are dated and specify the location where the person is authorized to park their vehicle. All temporary permits must be displayed in plain view by hanging them on the vehicle’s rearview mirror. Temporary permits are customarily designated for short-term stays at the university. Temporary permits are issued by the WPI Police to the following:

  • Faculty, staff, or students who find it necessary to drive a different (unregistered) vehicle to the campus.
  • Guest speakers or other invited visitors to campus. Visiting consultants, contractors, auditors, and vendors.
  • Guests of student residents.  

Several parking spaces have been designated on campus for handicap parking. These spaces have been identified by signs and painted permits within each parking space. Motor vehicles displaying a valid handicap license plate or official placard are authorized to park in designated handicapped parking spaces. Placards must be displayed in plain view for identification purposes.

Temporary Medical Permits

WPI community members temporarily immobilized by injury or sickness may apply for a medical permit on a provisional basis through the WPI Chief of Police. Detailed information of the impairment must be noted on letterhead by the attending physician. Upon approval, a temporary handicap permit will be issued, with a specific end date, not to exceed thirty (30) calendar days. Individuals who have received a temporary medical permit may park in handicap spaces through the time period designated. All medical permits must be displayed in plain view by hanging them on the vehicle’s rearview mirror.

Visitor Parking (Parking Pass Required)

Parking spaces marked “Visitor Parking Only” are reserved for WPI visitors and guests (please note all visitor signs state permit required).  These paces are located in the following areas:

  • 8 visitor spaces in the Park Ave. Garage
  • 2 visitor spaces next to Washburn on the Boynton Hall Service Road
  • 8 visitor spaces in the Boynton Street Lot
  • 7 visitor spaces in the West Street Lot
  • 5 Visitor spaces on the Quad   
  • 4 Visitor spaces on John Wing Road in front of Higgins House

All visitors must obtain a temporary parking pass when parking on campus.  WPI Police has two types of visitor passes, a hanging pass that can be picked up at WPI Police and an electronic pass that can be issued to the Department  Heads and/or there designee.  Departments seeking the electronic pass should contact Donna Ryel at  (See Special Event Parking below hosting 5 or more guest).

Admissions Visitor Parking (Parking Pass Required)

Parking spaces for Admissions visitors are located on the north and south sides of Bartlett Center. Six spaces on each side, identified as “Admissions visitors only,” are monitored by WPI Police and will be strictly enforced.

Those visiting Admissions can obtain a temporary parking pass by seeing someone at the front desk in the Bartlett Center.

Motorcycle Parking

One area on campus (Boynton lot, near the stairs) is clearly marked for motorcycle parking only. All motorcycles are to be parked in these spaces and must be kept away from building entrances and sidewalks. Permits are not required for motorcycle parking, but all motorcycles must be registered by filling out a registration form at the WPI Police Department. Other motor vehicles may park in motorcycle spaces ONLY under two conditions: during the winter months and/or by the direction of a WPI Police officer.  No parking motorcycles from December through March 1st.

Special Events Parking Procedures (at a minimum a 1 week notification is needed)

Individuals and/or groups scheduling an event on campus that will attract 5 or more visitors, especially those using buses, vans, and private automobiles, should notify the WPI Police Department (attention: Lt. Ellsworth - in order to secure assistance and plan for providing proper and safe parking.  

The WPI Police Department will provide individuals/groups with special parking instructions regarding parking in designated areas. Organizers of large events should work with WPI Police to arrange for traffic control and safety and parking away from heavily used areas of the campus. Visitors may not park in fire lanes, service vehicle spaces, or any area designated as a tow zone.

WPI Police will send out a parking advisory when 1/2 of the lot or more is blocked off. 

Note: When Campus Police or Events are asked to have parking spaces held the requester would have to arrange the following otherwise the spaces cannot be held:

  • A paid detail officer
  • Someone from their group/conference are assigned to be present to help their guests park in the reserved area
  • If spaces are blocked off in the morning for a later, or afternoon event, the detail officer or designee will be required to assist with parking only during the time frame that the guests are arriving

Electric Charging Station

WPI has 1 electric charging station located in the Campus Center Lot and there are 2 located in the Park Ave Garage.  There is a 4 hour maximum for vehicle charging.  Vehicles must be moved upon completion of vehicle charging to allot for other usage.

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