Parking and Traffic Rules

Parking/Traffic Rules

  • Observe campus speed limit of 15 mph, unless otherwise posted at 10 mph.
  • Display a current parking permit when using WPI parking lots.
  • Observe all Stop, Do Not Enter, One-Way Arrows, and all other parking/traffic-related signage etc.
  • Do not drive or park on walks, paths, or grassy areas.
  • Park within lined parking spaces.
  • Do not park camper vehicles on campus unless authorized by the Director of Public Safety.
  • Observe all crosswalk markings by allowing pedestrians the right of way.
  • Do not repair, wash, or wax vehicles in any of the campus parking lots.   Do not operate bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, roller-skates, or any other form of personal transportation for the purposes of performing stunts on WPI-owned and leased property (including roadways, tennis courts, athletic fields, basketball courts, sidewalks, and plaza areas). Stunt activity can prove to be dangerous both to the individual performing the stunt and to the pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic in the area.

Ticket Violations and Fines


Number  Definition Cost  Subject to Tow?
 01  Overnight parking  $25  Yes
 02  Loading and/or prohibited parking areas  $25  Yes
 03  Obstructing service road, crosswalk, grassy area, sidewalk, or island  $25  Yes
 04  Obstructing snow removal  $25  Yes
 05  Failure to display parking permit  $15  
 06  Removing or moving any street sign, traffic sign, or temporary barrier  $20  
 07  Parking in a restricted, blocked, or reserved area  $25  Yes
 08  Visitor/Admissions parking area  $25  
 09  Fire lane  $25  Yes
 10  Handicap Parking/blocking ramp  $80  Yes
 11  Speeding greater than reasonable  $50  
 12  Disregard of traffic signs, arrows, or police officer’s direction  $25  
 13  Operating as to endanger  $50  
 14  Operating without a license or registration  $50  
 15  Counterfeiting, altering, or transferring a permit or violation notice  $25  
 16  Failure to register out of state motor vehicle  $10  
 17  Boot Application                  $75  
 18  Other  $15-$80 or $____  


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