The Shuttle (evening)

The Shuttle (evening)

The Shuttle is committed to providing safe transportations to all the WPI Community. There are seven (7) Shuttle van stops. The Shuttle service does not operate on the holidays and during recess/breaks. Contact the SNAP transports at (508) 831-6111 for transportation during the holidays and during recess/break.


The posted signs for the shuttle routes are as follows:

Faraday Hall: In front of building.

Gateway Park: Outside the Gateway Garage by the north-end stairwell.

Founders Hall: Behind the building.

Bartlett Center: In front of building.

Morgan Hall Rear: End of the walkway between Rec Center/Morgan Hall.

Price Chopper: In front of building.

Salisbury Estates: By the rotary island.

The above locations identified are in order of the shuttle route.


Hours of Operation are Sunday through Saturday

(7 days a week) from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Please take into consideration both pedestrian and vehicle traffic volume, inclement weather, and the loading and unloading of passengers. The following are locations with scheduled times:

The Shuttle (evening) Hours of Operations
Faraday Hall Gateway Garage Founders Hall Bartlett Center Morgan Hall Price Chopper Salisbury Estates
6:00pm 6:03pm 6:07pm 6:10pm 6:11pm 6:14pm 6:17pm
6:20pm 6:23pm 6:27pm 6:30pm 6:31pm 6:34pm 6:37pm
6:40pm 6:43pm 6:47pm 6:50pm 6:51pm 6:54pm 6:57pm
7:00pm 7:03pm 7:07pm 7:10pm 7:11pm 7:14pm 7:17pm
7:20pm 7:23pm 7:27pm 7:30pm 7:31pm 7:34pm 7:37pm
7:40pm 7:43pm 7:47pm 7:50pm 7:51pm 7:54pm 7:57pm
8:00pm 8:03pm 8:07pm 8:10pm 8:11pm 8:14pm 8:17pm
8:20pm 8:23pm 8:27pm 8:30pm 8:31pm 8:34pm 8:37pm
8:40pm 8:43pm 8:47pm 8:50pm 8:51pm 8:54pm 8:57pm
9:00pm 9:03pm 9:07pm 9:10pm 9:11pm 9:14pm 9:17pm
9:20pm 9:23pm 9:27pm 9:30pm 9:31pm 9:34pm 9:37pm
9:40pm 9:43pm 9:47pm 9:50pm 9:51pm 9:54pm 9:57pm
10:00pm 10:03pm 10:07pm 10:10pm 10:11pm 10:14pm 10:17pm
10:20pm 10:23pm 10:27pm 10:30pm 10:31pm 10:34pm 10:37pm
10:40pm 10:43pm 10:47pm 10:50pm 10:51pm 10:54pm 10:57pm
11:00pm 11:03pm 11:07pm 11:10pm 11:11pm 11:14pm 11:17pm
11:20pm 11:23pm 11:27pm 11:30pm 11:31pm 11:34pm 11:37pm
11:40pm 11:43pm 11:47pm 11:50pm 11:51pm 11:54pm 11:57pm
12:00am 12:03am 12:07am 12:10am 12:11am 12:17am
12:20am 12:23am 12:27am 12:30am 12:31am 12:37am
12:40am 12:43am 12:47am 12:50am 12:51am 12:57am
1:00am 1:03am 1:07am 1:10am 1:11am 1:17am
1:20am 1:23am 1:27am 1:30am 1:31am 1:37am
1:40am 1:43am 1:47am 1:50am 1:51am 1:57am
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The Shuttle is equipped with a handicap chair lift. Any questions and/or concerns please contact: Sgt. Karen Bueno/

The Shuttle Liaison

WPI Police at 508-831-5433