Alcohol & Other Drug Statement & Policies of WPI Greek Council

  1. Only closed functions (invitation only) are allowed when alcohol will be present. Attendance at functions is limited to two (2) guests per chapter member who must be in attendance; not to exceed limits of existing fire and safety codes.
  2. Functions may not be advertised if alcohol will be present.
  3. Weeknight functions involving alcohol are not allowed at any chapter house.
  4. Minors may not be served or bring alcohol to any chapter house or other campus activities.
  5. Chapters must effectively control access to premises when alcohol is served.
  6. Members and guests must carry identification during functions if alcohol is present.
  7. University officials, including campus police, will be allowed entry into chapter houses when there are health or safety concerns.
  8. Violation of policies will result in an administrative hearing. The following penalty(s) will be imposed:
    Social Probation: A period during which a chapter may not sponsor any social functions, on or off campus, where alcohol is present.
    Recognition Probation: A period of review during which a chapter will be notified of specific concerns and must comply with requests for remediation by a specific date.
    Recognition Suspension: A period during which a chapter is no longer a member of the WPI Greek system; is not entitled to participate in rush; may not use WPI's name; and is no longer considered as a recognized student organization. Recolonization is not guaranteed, and is subject to the current recolonization procedure on file in the Student Activities Office.
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