Design Guidelines & Requirements: Organizational Pages

Primary Maintainer Varies. The WPI Web Development Office develops and maintains several research sites, but student organizations and committees maintain their own sites.
Description These are pages created and maintained by groups of people, including research groups, recognized student organizations, and chartered Greek organizations, committees, special interest groups, and other WPI-affiliated groups.

Pages in this category are divided into two groups:

Research Groups (Organizational I)

Examples Metal Processing Institute, Photonics Lab
Requirements Research groups may choose to have their own look based on a demonstrated marketing presence in other media or to look like their affiliated department. The basis for this decision should be whether or not the department has its own demonstrated marketing presence in other media, and pages should be developed to match that presence for consistency.

These pages must display the official banner at the top of the page, OR the logo in the upper left hand corner, make proper use of the WPI navigational aids, and link back to their affiliated departments. Pages in this category must use the official WPI Style Sheet as a base; additions may be made to the style sheet to better accentuate the look and feel. In either case, these groups should consult with the WPI Web Development Office on development of these pages, which should be located on the main university server.

Organizations & Committees (Organizational II)

Examples Social Committee, Committee on Graduate Studies and Research, WPI Venture Forum
Requirements These pages, usually hosted on either or on private servers, must display the official WPI button, linking back to the WPI Homepage using the code below:

<p align="center"><a href=""><img src="" alt="[WPI]" title="WPI Homepage" width="70" height="32" vspace="5" border="0"></a></p>
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