Assignment of Web Addresses: URL List

The following is a list of the official URLs for departments and programs at WPI. Keep in mind that these are case-sensitive and should be used in their complete form.

Hosts and Virtual Hosts

NOTE: Programs and events assocated with the university must be in the domain and cannot have .org domains (see Assignment of Web Addresses). The .org domains listed below are sites that WPI hosts for other organizations separate from WPI as part of the university's outreach initiatives.

Department/Organization URL Path
WPI Homepage /www/docs/
Admissions (Undergraduate) /Admin/AO/
Admissions (Graduate) /Admin/GSE/
Alliance of Interantional Students & Alumni /Admin/Alumni/AISA/
Alumni (redirects) /Admin/Alumni/
Banner (Web Information System) --
BioWorcester /VirtualHosts/
Center for Venture Support /VirtualHosts/
Computer Science /Academics/Depts/CS
Continuing Education /Admin/CE
Electrical and Computer Engineering /Academics/Depts/ECE/
Gateway Park /VirtualHosts/
Goddard GigaPoP /Admin/IT/Gigapop/
Goddard Collaborative /Admin/IT/GC/
InFire /Academics/Library/InFire/
Management /VirtualHosts/
Mass Academy
Mechanical Engineering /Academics/Depts/ME/
Registrar's Office /Admin/Registrar/
Social Committee (
Student Comedy Productions
Venture Forum /VirtualHosts/
Voces del Caribe /VirtualHosts/
Writings of James Fenimore Cooper /Academics/Depts/HUA/WJFC/

Short URLs - start with

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