Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) maintains computing resources, including data and information, which are essential to performing University business. These are WPI assets over which the University has both rights and obligations to manage, protect and utilize to fulfill its mission.

In addition to this Acceptable Use Policy, the use of these computing resources is governed by the Campus Code of Conduct, the Data Security Policy, and several other university policies


The purpose of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is multifold, as identified below.

  • Clarify the application of the Code of Conduct to specific computer and network technologies.
  • Educate the WPI community about the policies on the use of electronic facilities.
  • Ensure all members of the WPI community have appropriate access to a functional and safe network.
  • Prevent any misuse of, or damage to, computer assets or data.
  • Assist the University and employees in complying with federal and state legislation regarding information security, privacy, disclosure, computer crime, and other information and computer legislation.

This policy applies to all users of WPI technology resources. It applies to any system, software, components, or data which is connected to or utilizes the WPI network and its computer systems. It applies to both academic and non-academic communication and activities.


Users must satisify the requirements outlined below.

  • Comply with the intended use of any system or service at WPI.
    All systems and services available at WPI are used for academic and campus business priorities, with non-academic use being a secondary activity. Users comply with the Acceptable Use Standards.

    Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to, the following misuses:

    • Circumvention of WPI's technical, administrative, or process controls
    • Any activity which disrupts, such as causing a failure or over using a system or service
    • Subversion of a system or service for inappropriate or illegal use
  • Ensure the ethical use of WPI technology resources.
    Use of any WPI system or service used for unethical or illegal activities is prohibited. Harassment, violations of privacy, inappropriate data use, and attacks using WPI technology are examples of such activities forbidden at WPI.

  • Respect personal property.
    Use of the WPI systems or service used to compromise the integrity of, or improperly handle personal property regardless of status as a member of the WPI community, is not tolerated. Issues of 'hacking' as well as copyright infringements are not acceptable.

  • Respect WPI property.
    Users must respect WPI's property rights.  The university retains the right at all times to review and audit any and all information sent, received, or maintained on any university owned electronic communication devices as well as any system or service within the WPI network to enforce the Code of Conduct and the Acceptable Use Policy.  Illicit use of WPI systems and services, as well as use of WPI technology resources by those other than the WPI community, is forbidden without express permission of the university.

  • Respect all WPI policies as well as local, state, and federal laws.
    WPI, and all of its membership, are subject to the federal, state, and local legislation. WPI and users comply with legislation.  WPI forbids use of its resources for illegal activities.


The Acceptable Use Policy is administered through a collection of standards. These standards are reviewed as needed to provide consistent and timely rules of use. Users are expected to familiarize themselves with the standards and comply with them.

Violations of Policy

WPI enforces the WPI Acceptable Use Policy and its standards at all times.  The WPI Division of Information Technology may enforce this Policy on its own, but works in concert with the Office of Student Affairs, the Campus Judicial Board, and Human Resources to ensure fair and appropriate investigation, consideration, and consequences where appropriate. Consequences, with examples, are clearly specified in each standard whenever possible and appropriate.


Report any violations of the Acceptable Use Policy to the Office of Information Security, at

Questions and Assistance

Please address any questions about the Acceptable Use Policy to the Office of Information Security, at

Revision History
  • August 19, 2008 - IT approved the revised AUP for students. Until the updated version is approved by the Policy Committee, the prior version still applies to employees.
  • October 20th, 2008 - Minor style and format changes.
  • August 18th, 2008 - Added Proxy Usage Standard
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