Faculty Guide to Academic Integrity at WPI

The Dean of Students Office, with support from the Committee on Advising and Student Life, has developed the Faculty Guide to Academic Integrity at WPI to help faculty members create an atmosphere where academic integrity is recognized as a core value of the institution. The guide is intended to assist the community in understanding the subject of academic honesty and to orient faculty to WPI's specific policies and procedures. It also provides hints about how to minimize the occurrence of academic dishonesty in the classroom.

Click on center of image to view full size of the brochure or click here to open the publication.

To flip through the brochure, simply click on the arrows on either side to flip the pages back and forth.

To view or download the brochure in pdf format, click here.

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Comments or Suggestions

The Dean of Students Office welcomes comments and suggestions from students on ways to enhance this guide. E-mail us at dean-of-students@wpi.edu.