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Hints to Discourage Academic Dishonesty

Consider implementing the following best practices to minimize or prevent cases of academic dishonesty:

  • Put WPI's Academic Honesty Policy in your course syllabus.
  • Clearly explain your expectations during the first day of classes, including concrete examples that do and do not constitute cheating in your course.
  • Inquire about "best practices" policies from colleagues at WPI and at other institutions.
  • Encourage students to come to you if they are confused about citation and documentation practices.
  • Talk about academic honesty with your students.
  • Require detailed citations, including page numbers.
  • Make up variations of the same exam.
  • Avoid use of repeated exams, homework sets and research projects.
  • Explain your expectations regarding collaboration on homework, computer programs and take-home exams.
  • Report cases of academic dishonesty, utilizing WPI's policy and procedures.
  • Collect all exams, or rewrite exams each term.


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