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A Look at Academic Honesty at WPI

WPI has collected data for the past 10 years about attitudes and practices associated with academic dishonesty at the undergraduate level at the university. The following is a sampling of data from the most recent survey of both faculty and students.

Report of Undergraduate Students

One third of the students and over half of the faculty reported that academic dishonesty is a problem at WPI.

One third of the faculty reported that they had encountered a case of academic dishonesty in one of their classes.

More than half of the students saw another student cheat during an exam.

Over 80% of the faculty considered it dishonest to obtain an exam question from a student who had already taken the exam.

According to faculty who witnessed cheating, the most common forms were:

  • Working on assignments in groups when prohibited to do so
  • Copying assignments, homework, or computer programs from another student
  • Plagiarizing or not citing sources properly.
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