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Responsibilities of Students

Students should make sure that they are familiar with WPI's Academic Honesty Policy which is articulated in the WPI Campus Planner and Resource Guide. In addition to the institutional policy, individual faculty members may have more specific guidelines for their classes. Students should find out from each faculty member what their policies are concerning evaluation procedures and their expectations pertaining to academic integrity at the beginning of each course. These policies may be outlined in the course syllabus, posted on the web, or discussed in one of the first classes of the term. However, many faculty members may not highlight their specific policies in any of these ways, and may only utilize the campus policy. Because of the differences in disciplines and the type of work involved, faculty interpretation regarding what constitutes academic honesty may vary across campus. Since project-based education places a strong emphasis on group work, students should be particularly attentive to their professors' distinction between group work and individual performance expectations. If a student is in doubt about what is expected of him/her or how he/she will be evaluated, it is always better to seek clarification from his/her instructor rather than run the risk of violating the academic honesty policy.

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