Judicial Policies

The Judicial Policies contained herein are officially outlined in the WPI Campus Planner and Resource Guide. Should any discrepancies exist, students should turn to that source for the correct and official information.

  1. Introduction
  2. Trustees’ Statement on Student Responsibility and Conduct
  3. Authority of the President of WPI
  4. WPI Campus Code of Conduct
  5. Academic Honesty Policy
  6. WPI Alcohol and Other Drug Policy and Statement of Behavioral Expectations
  7. WPI Drug and Alcohol Policy
  8. WPI Anti-Harassment/Anti-Discrimination Policy
  9. Policy on Indecent Assault, Abuse and Rape
  10. Hazing Policy
  11. WPI's Greek Relationship Statement for the Fraternity and Sorority System
  12. Time, Place and Manner Statement
  13. Constitution of the WPI Campus Judicial System
  14. WPI Intellectual Property Policy
  15. WPI Computer Network Acceptable Use Policy
  16. Glossary of Terms

See also WPI Judicial Process.

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