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WPI's Greek Relationship Statement for the Fraternity and Sorority System

  1. The relationship between WPI and the fraternity and sorority system is one of mutual respect, cooperation, understanding and trust. This trust is based on mutual goals, the expectations of WPI, the community, the Greek membership and the responsibilities of each in this relationship. WPI has the obligation to
    1. continue its commitment to foster the Greek system;
    2. provide staff, leadership training and educational programming and the necessary funding for such endeavors;
    3. advocate on behalf of the Greek community as a liaison between internal and external constituencies;
    4. provide assistance and training for the self-governance system; and
    5. provide a system of judicial review for cases that the IFC and Panhel feel are inappropriate for their disposition and provide a system of judicial review for offenses that might lead to suspension or revocation of University recognition.
  2. The fraternities and sororities have an obligation to
    1. maintain a strong scholastic emphasis that includes attending and participating in educational programming sponsored by the university;
    2. respect the rights of the campus community and the neighborhood;
    3. comply with the rules of conduct included in the campus code of conduct and the policies that govern the Greek system;
    4. minimize the risk of liability and harm to people and property and maintain an accountability for actions of the chapter;
    5. ensure sound new member and initiation practices;
    6. support the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils and maintain a national affiliation in good standing;
    7. maintain an active relationship with an advisory person or committee such as chapter advisors or house corporations; and
    8. participate in philanthropic activities.
  3. To aid each chapter in living up to its ideals, as well as those of the university, each chapter should conduct an annual self evaluation and planning program. Criteria should include
    1. demonstrated support for the Academic Mission of WPI;
    2. demonstration of respect and responsibility toward neighbors;
    3. avoidance of situations that do not conform to all applicable laws of conduct including hazing and alcohol and drug abuse;
    4. a knowledge of insurance and liability issues and the responsibility to minimize the risk of liabilities including the maintenance of a safe and clean habitat that conforms to building codes; and abiding by reasonable and safe standards for social events.
    5. abiding by reasonable and safe standards for social events.
  4. The relationship between WPI and the fraternity and sorority system requires open and honest communication bound by a spirit of good will. Together, they serve to strengthen, and therefore benefit, Greek life and the campus community. As the representative of a chapter, the student accepts the personal responsibility for familiarizing himself/herself with this statement and the ideals of the fraternity or sorority and for doing his/her best to conduct himself/herself in accordance with this statement.

Approved by the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils
September 3, 1998

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