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WPI Alcohol and Other Drug Policy and Statement of Behavioral Expectations

WPI seeks to establish an environment # personal, social and academic # that supports its commitment to an excellent undergraduate and graduate education. WPI encourages the student's maturity into early adulthood and discourages experiences that may compromise such maturity. The university will support timely educational programs as resources for the student's personal development.

WPI recognizes that drugs and alcohol constitute significant personal and social problems within society in general and colleges in particular. WPI supports, promotes, respects and expects adherence to federal and state laws regarding alcohol and drugs.

WPI demonstrates its values concerning an excellent education, encouragement of a student's maturity, and federal and state laws regarding drugs and alcohol in a variety of ways. Faculty, alumni, staff and other members of the WPI community are expected to serve as positive role models, especially with respect to the responsible use of alcohol. WPI promotes and presents, to all members of the community, drug and alcohol awareness programs that address issues proactively. More specifically, WPI presents a multitude of programs on student development; provides programming to students on developing the skills necessary to be effective at WPI and in life; empowers students who choose not to drink; offers easy access to services that are intended to assist students who have alcohol or drug problems; and provides students with the opportunity to choose a substance-free living and learning experience.

The WPI community is composed of students, their families, faculty, staff and alumni. The entire community must assume responsibility for providing a climate that represents personal rights, federal and state laws, and models of appropriate behavior as defined by the Alcohol and Drug Policy.

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