Photo Style

The Division of Marketing & Communications encourages the WPI community to bring to its attention any event or activity that may present an opportunity for public relations photography. Members of the community are also encouraged to confer with this office when they have need for other types of professional photography.

The Division of Marketing & Communications maintains a list of recommended freelance photographers and will gladly arrange for their assignment for such purposes. Requests for photographic services should be submitted as early as possible to ensure photographer availability.

Public relations photography typical costs $100 to $150 an hour; you will be billed separately for film, prints, transparencies, photo CDs and similar items. Other types of photography (for example, photos taken for marketing publications) can cost considerably more. We will be glad to obtain an estimate for the cost of any photography services you request.

The Division of Marketing & Communications will pay for these services only under the following circumstances:

  • when the director of media relations determines that an event has news value and that a photograph is required for distribution to the news media.
  • when the director of communications, design director, e-marketing director or magazine editor determines that a photograph is required for a specific WPI publication or on the Web site.
  • when the director of communications or design director determines that the photographs are of potential value for future publications, Web sites, or media and public relations efforts and should be included in the Marketing Department photo library.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact

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