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Judicial Appeals Procedure and Criteria

  1. Decisions of the Campus Hearing Board may be appealed to the Presidential Appeals Board.
  2. All appeals must be submitted in writing to the Dean of Students Office within five (5) days following communication of the initial decision. The appeal must be specific and contain a full description of the basis for the appeal.
  3. Grounds for an appeal must be based on one or more of the following criteria:
    1. Failure to follow the procedures outlined in the Campus Planner and Resource Guide;
    2. Inappropriate gravity of the sanction in relation to the offense;
    3. That no reasonable Campus Hearing Board could conclude, on the basis of the evidence presented, that the accused was responsible.
  4. The appeals board may refuse to accept any appeal that does not satisfy these criteria.

 Presidential Appeals Board

Section A — Members

  1. The Presidential Appeals Board shall consist of three voting members.
  2. The board shall consist of the sitting president of the undergraduate student body or graduate student government or designee (whichever is deemed appropriate by the case officer); a representative of the faculty, and a representative of the administration.
  3. Each of the student governing bodies will identify an officer to serve as an alternate appellate justice in the absence of the undergraduate student body president or the absence of the graduate student government designee. The Faculty Committee on Governance shall identify an alternate faculty representative. The President or his/her designee will identify an alternate administration representative.
  4. The faculty representative shall be selected annually by the faculty under the direction of the Faculty Committee on Governance.
  5. The representative from the administration shall be selected annually by the President or his/her designee, and shall act as presiding officer of the Presidential Appeals Board.

Section B — Jurisdiction

  1. The Presidential Appeals Board shall hear appeals of cases originally heard by the Campus Hearing Board and certain cases referred by the case officers that were heard administratively.
  2. The board shall automatically review any case in which the sanction imposed by the Campus Hearing Board includes suspension or expulsion from the university. This review shall not be a rehearing of the facts, but rather a consideration of the Campus Hearing Board's records of the hearing, to assure that procedures were followed and decisions and sanctions are fair.

Section C — Sanctions and Grievance Judgments

  1. The Presidential Appeals Board may impose any sanction that the Campus Hearing Board is empowered to.
  2. The board may: send the case back to the Campus Hearing Board for a rehearing; uphold or reduce the imposed sanction(s) of the Campus Hearing Board; and/or reverse the decision of the CHB if they determine that the CHB acted unreasonably in finding the student responsible based on the evidence presented.
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