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Definitions of Sanctions

The sanctions below may be imposed upon a student for an infraction of the WPI Campus Code of Conduct. This list is not exhaustive.

  1. Disciplinary Warning: An official written notice to the student of disapproval in that his/her conduct is in violation of WPI rules or regulations.
  2. Disciplinary Probation: A more severe sanction than a warning, to include a period of review and observation during which the student must demonstrate the ability to comply with WPI rules, regulations, and other requirements stipulated for the probation period. As part of the terms of Disciplinary Probation, restrictions may be placed on the student's ability to participate in activities, student organizations, etc. Some examples include, but are not limited to: prohibiting a student from applying for, campaigning for, or receiving consideration for elected or appointed positions in student organizations; ineligibility to receive honors or awards; ineligibility to accept a bid to pledge a fraternity or sorority; removing a student from any office held in a student organization; prohibiting a student or student group from representing the university in intercollegiate events or activities, or loss of privilege to attend Global Project Center sites.
  3. Disciplinary Suspension: Excludes the student from registration, (or cross registration at another college), class attendance, residence on the campus and use of WPI facilities or resources for a specified period of time.
  4. Deferred Suspension: Under certain circumstances, suspension action may be deferred until the end of the term. If a student is again found guilty of violating a WPI policy or regulation during the deferred period, suspension will take effect immediately.
  5. Expulsion: Permanent separation from WPI. Permanent loss of privilege of registration, class attendance, and residence on the campus. Note: Students who are suspended or expelled from WPI are expected to leave the campus.
  6. Restitution: Requires that a student make payment to the university, an individual, or a group for damages for which he or she was responsible, whether intentional or accidental.
  7. Community Service: Requires that a student complete a specified work project for a specified time period to give something back to the community.
  8. Parental Notification: Parents are notified at the discretion of the dean of students or her/his designee out of concern for the health and welfare of the student.
  9. Loss of Privileges: See Disciplinary Probation.
  10. Relocation/Suspension from Residence Hall/Loss of Residence Hall Privileges: Precludes a student from remaining in any WPI housing for a specified period of time. Precludes a student from visiting certain residence hall(s) for a specific period of time.
  11. Counseling; Drug or Alcohol Assessment: Requires that a student submit to counseling, or to a drug or alcohol assessment with a licensed professional. The requirement may include a signed release of information from the student so that the counselor can inform the case officer or dean of students about the results of the assessment. Student must comply with recommended course of treatment determined by the counselor.


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