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Jurisdiction of the Dean of Students Office Staff

The president has delegated to the vice president for student affairs and the Dean of Students Office staff the responsibility for the administration of the judicial system and the authority to impose administrative sanctions whenever this becomes necessary to properly operate and protect the people and property of the WPI community from reckless endangerment or from interference with the educational objectives of WPI.

  1. The Dean of Students Office staff members are responsible for all matters relating to student contracts, agreements, and licenses in the areas of student residential life, Greek life and student activities. Complaints, violations, and terminations in these areas will be handled by the appropriate staff member in accordance with established procedures.
  2. Interim suspension is defined as the temporary termination by the vice president for student affairs or his/her designee of a student's or a group's presence on campus prior to the conduct of a formal hearing (or the imposition of sanctions by the Campus Hearing Board). It is to be employed only in instances where continued presence on campus by the student or group would constitute a danger to the safety of persons or property on the premises of WPI. Within 48 hours of the imposition of interim suspension by the vice president for student affairs or her/his designee, a date shall be set for a hearing of the matter before the Campus Hearing Board. The hearing date shall be set at the earliest possible, mutually convenient time between the university, the plaintiff and the accused.
  3. A student may be withdrawn from WPI by the vice president for student affairs or a delegate due to emotional, psychiatric, or other reasons of health that pose a threat to the continued well-being of the student or members of the WPI community, or threaten to disrupt the daily operation of the university. In such cases, the student may not be reinstated at WPI without clearance by WPI medical and professional staff.
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