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Prehearing Procedures for Parties Involved in a Hearing Before the Campus Hearing Board

  1. Any individual wishing to bring a complaint before the Campus Hearing Board should go to the Dean of Students Office in the Campus Center and request a meeting with one of the case officers. The person(s) bringing the complaint( s) [plaintiff(s)] meets with the case officer to determine what policies may have been violated. The case officer may make a recommendation to the plaintiff(s) as to further pursuit of the complaint or other means of resolution; however, the plaintiff(s) will make the final determination on whether or not to bring the complaint before the Campus Hearing Board.
  2. At the outset of the accused's pre-hearing interview, the accused will be informed that the case officer facilitates the workings of the Campus Hearing Board and will be present as an impartial and non-voting participant in the hearing (if there is one), and that the accused is not obligated to make any statements that are self-incriminating during the pre-hearing interview. Relevant information voluntarily offered by the accused during the interview may be presented to the Campus Hearing Board. The accused is also informed that he/she may remain silent or submit only a written statement or respond to the complaint, call primary witnesses and present evidence, or testify. The accused is further informed that he/she is not required to be present at the hearing but the hearing will proceed in absentia (in his/her absence).
  3. If the case is brought to the Campus Hearing Board, the plaintiff(s) should prepare a statement for the case officer that includes the following:
    1. the names of the person(s) against whom the complaint(s) is being brought—the accused
    2. a full description of the incident
    3. the names of witnesses
    4. the section(s) of the campus code allegedly violated
  4. The case officer notifies the accused of the complaint, and the time and place of the hearing, as determined in consultation with the chief justice, and offers to hold a pre-hearing interview with the accused to review the complaint, and the accused's rights and responsibilities under the WPI campus judicial system. Notice is considered to be adequate if it is in writing and is addressed to the accused's last known WPI mailing address no later than 7 days before the hearing date.



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