Web Policies

The policies and style elements are designed to help the university create a clear and consistent identity on the Web and to help Web developers create pages that communicate clearly, that display properly with commonly used Web browsers and text-only browsers, and that use the elements of WPI's visual identity properly.

Web Accessibility Policy

WPI is committed to providing all visitors equal opportunity to access information on the WPI Web site. WPI Web authors should be socially responsible and use proper HTML syntax designed to permit easy and equal access for all, regardless of disability or technology. The CMS will do its best to make sure all page are coded properly and comply with Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act.

Linking Pages To and From WPI

With the approval of the Marketing and Communications Department, the following groups may link their web sites from the WPI Web server:

  1. The Webmasters, on behalf of the university.
  2. Officially constituted academic and administrative departments, offices, programs and centers.
  3. Student organizations and chartered Greek organizations recognized by the WPI Student Activities Office.
  4. Committees, special interest groups and other WPI groups.
  5. Individual faculty members, staff members and students.

Note: Non-WPI organizations may request permission to link to/from the WPI web site by completing our feedback form.


Our policy for the user's web server is to allow subdomains only for SAO-recognized clubs and similar organizations that have an established and well-maintained web presence.