Web Policy/Elements of Style

Since it came into existence in 1994, WPI's site on the World Wide Web has become one of the university's most important and most widely used vehicles for communication to internal and external audiences. The WPI Web site is also proving to be an increasingly important medium for delivering educational programs and for supporting the university's mission as an academic institution.

Because of the critical role that the Web site plays in WPI's success, and because it is such a valuable and highly visible platform for informing many audiences about the university, strengthening its identity, and enhancing its reputation, the university has developed a set of official policies and elements of style to guide the work of the university's Web developers.

The policies and style elements are designed to help the university create a clear and consistent identity on the Web and to help Web developers create pages that communicate clearly, that display properly with commonly used Web browsers and text-only browsers, and that use the elements of WPI's visual identity properly.

Marketing & Communications have developed a suite of official templates for WPI Web pages that use the elements of WPI's corporate identity program according to official usage guidelines.

Note: The WPI Web site is best viewed with the latest major releases of Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer®. Additionally, our site supports text-only browsers, such as Lynx. Portions of this site utilize client-side JavaScript for aesthetic purposes only - navigation and functionality of the pages are not dependent upon JavaScript technology.

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WPI's main and user servers currently support the following:

  • CGI
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Server-side Includes (SSI)

For support, contact helpdesk@wpi.edu.