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Laurie has the rare capacity to work as successfully with students and faculty as she does with the White House and Congress...

—Warner Fletcher, Chairman, WPI Board of Trustees

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Inaugural Address by WPI President Laurie Leshin

November 8, 2014

"As the president of this fine university, it will be my sincere privilege to work with our outstanding faculty and staff as we nurture and then launch students to a bright and bold future. It will be a tremendous point of pride to watch our research efforts grow. To see the fruitful realization of ideas and the creation of enterprises. To open new pathways for lifelong learning and engagement. To build upon a foundation of excellence to become the premier global polytechnic. To take theory to practice to impact."

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Watch President Leshin's Inaugural Address

I am both humbled and delighted as I contemplate the exceptional position I find myself in today. As your new president, I ask you to embark on a journey with me—a journey that would surely inspire and excite the likes of Robert Goddard. Watch the video.

Her appointment is very much in keeping with the spirit of WPI. She is innovative and creative. She is a groundbreaker and that is what WPI is all about.

—Senator Elizabeth Warren
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I expect our university to thrive under her leadership.

—Interim President Philip B. Ryan ‘65