Messages & Commentary

“Welcome to the Family”

President Leshin addresses WPI families at 2014 Parents’ Weekend

Your son or daughter is clearly being well supported by you – because you’re here, I can tell you have close-knit and involved families, much like the community I like to think of as the WPI family. These great folks you just met, and all those who helped organize this weekend are examples of how our WPI family, our community, is here to support you and yours. In fact, instead of giving you lots of facts and figures or lots of lofty plans, I’d just like to take this chance to tell you a little bit about our WPI family – our community. Read full message...

Ready for Liftoff

WPI is fully committed to educate your son/daughter, to care for them, and to position them on a path to success in their careers and lives. I am here because I‘ve made it my personal mission in life, every day, to ensure that we deliver on that promise.

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Connect with the president

Laurie has the rare capacity to work as successfully with students and faculty as she does with the White House and Congress...

—Warner Fletcher, Chairman, WPI Board of Trustees

I expect our university to thrive under her leadership.

—Interim President Philip B. Ryan ‘65

Her appointment is very much in keeping with the spirit of WPI. She is innovative and creative. She is a groundbreaker and that is what WPI is all about.

—Senator Elizabeth Warren