Message from the President

As interim president of this remarkable institution, I have the honor of welcoming you to WPI. As a graduate of WPI, I have the distinction of being able to share firsthand knowledge of the outstanding education and real-world experience that WPI provides to its students.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute has been at the forefront of engineering, technology, and science education for nearly 150 years. The nation’s third oldest technological university, it first changed the course of American education by introducing a radical new curriculum in 1865, becoming the first school in America to focus its education on equal parts theory and practice.

WPI led another dramatic shift in education in 1970 when it implemented the renowned WPI Plan, a daring new approach to education built around collaborative, team-based global projects that gave students more control over their education, while providing faculty more opportunities to work closely with students, inherently creating a strong focus on innovation, exploration, and real-world competency. Today, WPI’s pioneering approach is widely emulated by science and engineering schools from around the globe.

As new technologies and scientific discoveries continue to show us what is possible in our world, WPI continues to show students how to turn curiosity into real-world solutions that impact our lives. With a robust humanities and arts program, WPI gives students the tools they need to communicate their ideals and to lead interdisciplinary teams. You’ll find countless WPI graduates in leadership positions working at the cutting edge of technology, science, business, biotech, healthcare, and, of course, engineering. Whether helping land a rover on Mars, exploring the microscopic possibilities of the life sciences, or working on the cutting edge of scientific research at one of our more than 30 project centers around the world, WPI graduates are there leading the way.

I invite you to explore this site to discover what is possible at WPI today, and how our students are preparing to shape the world of tomorrow. From our pioneering robotics engineering program, (the first in the country), to our Interactive Media & Game Development program, to our nationally ranked engineering programs, to our new business school, you’ll find plenty to inspire you at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


Phil Ryan '65

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Today, the WPI Plan is widely emulated by science and engineering schools around the world.

— Phil Ryan '65