WPI 2008 Presidents Report

As I write this note, the world is grappling with a complicated and often bewildering array of challenges—from economic upheaval and violent conflicts to climate change, dispiriting corruption, and unrelenting poverty in some of the most vulnerable places across the globe. These are turbulent times for individuals, families, institutions, and nations, but as I bear daily witness to the work of this university, I find myself profoundly optimistic about the future of WPI and deeply heartened by the leadership we can offer. Ours is a community filled with the imaginative, determined, and principled leaders the world is calling out for—those who can rise to the challenge, create effective solutions, and inspire others to work together for the common good. This is truly a moment for WPI.

For this 2008 President’s Report, we have chosen for our theme Excellence and Innovation. In the pages that follow, you will find vivid illustrations of WPI students, faculty, staff, and alumni who exemplify these qualities, which one sees in abundance across the university. You will also read about the deliberate steps WPI has taken to preserve its vitality during the difficult economic times ahead, safeguard its enduring tradition of Lehr und Kunst, and ensure its continued success and bright future.  Read full article.

May 11, 2009