WPI 2010 President's Budget Report

President Berkey issued his second annual budget report and outlook. Highlights include a record operating surplus, an outstanding entering class, academic program developments, campus improvements and faculty progress.

This report is my second annual report to you on our financial position and related matters, as well as my outlook for the years just ahead. I am pleased to note just a few of the highlights:

  1. Another record operating surplus, this one of approximately $11.7M;
  2. Faculty salary increases averaging a full 4%;
  3. Complete closing of the gap in full professors’ salaries versus our comparison group;
  4. Another outstanding entering class; and
  5. Continuing excellent progress in faculty and academic program development.

I hope that you find this report to be of interest, and I submit it to you with great appreciation for all of the excellent work issuing from every corner of this campus.

Best wishes,



August 24, 2010

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