President Berkey Speaks to WPI's K-12 STEM Teaching Expertise

The Worcester Business Journal spoke with Dr. Berkey about WPI's leading role in K-12 STEM education in Massachusetts.

Dennis Berkey

When recently asked by about the importance of STEM education to the nation’s economic well-being, President Berkey responded by saying, “To produce more scientists and engineers, we have to first produce better teachers of engineering and science.”

The recent article in the Worcester Business Journal spotlights the American Institute of Physics’ recent assessment of Massachusetts as the best state in the nation for teaching physics and math to K-12 students. The article also explains the widely held views that those subjects are critical to preparing K-12 students for college majors in science and engineering, and it highlights the connection between advanced scientists and engineers and our nation’s economic well-being.

As the leader of “one of the country’s first engineering and technology universities,” President Berkey was called upon to speak to WPI’s distinctive capability to “produce science and engineering teachers that can educate the next generation of high-tech workers.”

August 31, 2011

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