President's Convocation - September 24

I would like to initiate a practice of meeting at least once per year with all members of the faculty and staff for a discussion of major issues in the University. The first such meeting will have more of a flavor of a welcoming, as it will be my first opportunity to address most of you, but I assure you that we will have matters of substance for your consideration.

The format for our first meeting is to assemble at 11:00 a.m. in the Campus Center Odeum for presentations and discussion that will last until approximately 12:15. Following the formal program there will be a barbecue luncheon for all participants on the Higgins House lawn. I hope that you will consider this event of enough interest and importance to attend, even though it is during regular business hours.

It is my hope that this type of meeting will stimulate interest in University-wide issues and engagement with them in your various units and organizations. I myself am planning to host a series of follow-up "town meetings" for faculty and professional staff in the following months. More information, and formal invitations, will follow.

I look forward to seeing you on September 24. Happy New (academic) Year!

Dennis D. Berkey

July 3, 2007