Remarks at the International FIRST Championship

Remarks to FIRST Robotics participants at the Introduction of the New Controller for the 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition Kits
International FIRST Championship, Atlanta, GA, April 17, 2008

It is a pleasure to participate in this introduction of the new controller for US FIRST Competition beginning in 2009, for there are several important points of pride for WPI.

One is our pride in the contribution, led by Brad Miller and his team, of the software enabling your programming in C and C++ in using this controller. I know that many of you prefer these languages, and WPI continues its role in being instrumental in supporting your interests. I am also pleased that we continue to support an open source approach to this work.

Another point of pride for WPI is our introduction this year of the nation's first undergraduate degree program in robotics engineering. We believe deeply in the power and importance of robotics engineering as an interdisiplinary course of study fully appropriate to preparing college students for productive careers.

Third is our pride in having Dean Kamen as one of our distinguished graduates. And in just a few weeks we will also claim Woodie Flowers in this regard, when we award him our honorary Doctor of Engineering Degree at our commencement ceremony.

But our greatest source of pride is the excellent work that all of you are doing in putting your knowledge and abilities to work in important ways, learning to cooperate, to innovate, and to achieve at high levels. These are lessons that will serve you well throughout your careers and your lives.

Earlier, Dean Kamen quoted Albert Einstein. I, too, have a favorite Einstein quote to share with you. Einstein said, "Between knowledge and imagination, the more important is imagination."

Do not let anyone limit your dreams or your ambitions!

My best wishes to all of you.

Dennis Berkey, President and CEO
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

April 17, 2008