President's Council for the Support of Women and Minorities at WPI


The purpose of the President’s Council for the Support of Women and Minorities at WPI is to promote and oversee the successful recruitment, retention, support, development, and advancement of women and members of underrepresented minorities in the WPI faculty, staff, and student body.  The Council fulfills its purpose by:

  • Reviewing and developing relevant policies;
  • Setting realistic goals in the  related areas;
  • Assuring appropriate financial and administrative support for purpose and goals;
  • Assessing progress against the goals, and
  • Soliciting input from the campus community on all aspects of its purpose.

Leadership Committee

The Council meets at least four times per year and is chaired by the President.  The Secretary of the Faculty serves as the Council’s Vice Chair.  The Vice President for Human Resources serves as staff to the Council, and together with the President (or the Vice Chair in the President’s absence) develops the agenda for the meetings. 

Committee Members

Dennis  Berkey, President and Chief Executive Officer
John Orr, Provost
M.W. Richman, Secretary of the Faculty
A. Tracy Hassett, Vice President for Human Resources
Janet Richardson, Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Life
Dexter Bailey, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Other appointments as designated by these members.


The President shall report to the faculty annually on the work of the Council and shall refer proposed policy matters to the Faculty and to the Board of Trustees as appropriate.


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